Leicestershire is the home of Chav culture, whether one be wrecking the local train station or burning old ladies on stakes, it is highly likely that you will see a chav. It is the dirtiest place since Zimbabwe, which is why the two places are confused sometimes, every day numbers of angry tourists expecting to be in Central Africa roll up to the county. Also the majority of the population in both places are black. As the chav infestation has taken a steely grasp on the community, the majority of regular people are afraid to leave their homes, and have to spend all day with Geoffrey Leonard writing books on how to molest children.


The cities team unfortunately only has 5 players. Meaning that the clubs name was changed by the FA to Leicester Shitty. The supporters brag about them being League One champions in 2009, their biggest achievement since winning the conference back in 1984. But these braggers are swiftly exterminated in Auschwitz and other popular Nazi Death Camps.