The SAW movies are a series of documentaries which follow the life of a kind man named Jigsaw, who puts sinners to the test by forcing them to put their hands in acid and ripping open the stomachs. He does this as he gets a perverse pleasure out of it, but this causes him to be Pitied by Mr T.

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thumb|300px|right|A classic SAW trap SAW - The Ride was created when it was decided that the films didn't inflict enough pain on the audience and weren't dull enough so THORPE PARK were forced to build a coaster based around the films, this coaster is running about 4 days each year and most people die of boredom waiting in 4 hour queues before they even reach the ride. The ride features a number of head-chopper elements which literally decapitate all riders over 3 feet tall. When riders return to the station their heads are sewn back on by Samuel L Jackson, who was trapped there when he fell from a plane along with 3 snakes.

thumb|300px|right|SAW - The Ride Offride footage!


One of the most mind-rotting bits about SAW, other than the film itself, is the torturous music. It is thought that the music is there to try to entice you to rip your lungs out and play basketball with them. However this is often disputed by people with truly no lives and too much spare time.

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