Thorpe Park (or THORPE PARK if you want to use their form of 'marketing', which means that the name must be shouted, if it is not the rampant wildebeest is released) is the place to go if you want to ride dangerously unstable flat rides, or queue 3 hours at guest services when the day is over asking for your money back, if you do ask for your money back it is highly likely that you will be hit with a barrage of offensive language and possibly a beating by Vin Diesel

SAW - The RideEdit


SAW - The Ride

This Ride is Thorpe Park's latest and greatest roller coaster. It is based on the SAW Movies. In keeping with Thorpe Park's tradition, it broke down during the celebrity preview event , and again during its opening day.It will probably be closed now. Stealth, Colossus, Samurai, Slammer, Quantum, Loggers Leap, Vortex, Zodiac, Rush and Chief Rangers Carousel will almost certainly be closed too.


It is well known that at THORPE PARK, at least 12 people die each day from roller coaster crashes, this is however covered up and the bodies are swiftly hidden in X:\ No Way Out. THORPE PARK claim that their standards of health and safety are incredibly high, however this is a blatant lie, even American parks have better safety than Thorpe does.

Also all around the park you can smell rotting flesh, as Thorpe Park also hide dead bodies in the bins